Remote Shepherd is the capstone project for Long Shot Games, a group of five graduate students in RIT's Game Design and Development masters program. The game allows the player to step into the shoes of a group of vigilantes who have decided to put their skills gained as Marine Scout Snipers to use in cleaning their city of criminal organizations. This blog will track both the ongoing design and development of the project.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Mole Hunt - Mission Briefing

We (Remote Shepherd vigilante group) have been working to remove the hold organized crime has on River Ridge City for the better part of two years. We have managed to remove most of the low level gangs, but this has led to the remaining organizations working together to take us out, operating under the moniker "Wilcox-Arlington Management Group." (WAMG) One of the member crime families, we don't know which, has managed to gain one, if not more, informants inside of the RRPD. These informants are both giving police information to the crime families and manipulating the actions of the police department.

I (Delta) have been able to obtain information that a transfer between one of the informants and an intelligence officer for WAMG is going down in Paramount Park today. I was unable to obtain any information on the informant, but was able get the files on the intelligence officer. You will have to use the intelligence officer in order to uncover the informant. The intelligence officer will be attempting to maintain a low profile but he will be accompanied by his personal bodyguard.

Once you’ve located the intelligence officer, do not lose him. He will surely be cautious and aware that we are hunting him. You’ll also have to pay close attention to anyone near the intelligence officer as I am sure he and the informant will attempt to disguise their meeting as something else. I cannot stress enough that the goal of this mission is to stop the flow of information and the manipulation of the police department. I don’t care how you achieve this goal; just make sure you don’t screw this up.

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